Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mesa, Illegal Immigration & Russell Pearce

Mesa's Political Controversy on Illegal Immigration

One of Mesa Arizona's most noteworthy and controversal politician is Russell Pearce, a stanch supporter of protecting our freedoms through the enforcement of our laws. Senator Pearce has a no holds approach when it comes to illegal immigration, if you're in this country illegally then you need to go home and come back the right way, which is to follow the laws. I would say, a lot of people love him, some people like him and others hate him. No matter which side of the table you are on, you know where you stand with Russell Pearce on illegal immigration, this is more than can be said for some of the other politicians in Mesa.

Senate Bill 1070

As the sponsor of Senate Bill 1070, the nations toughest illegal immigration bills from a state level, Russell Pearce has been called by the New Times and illegal immigration activist a bigot, racest, Nazi and much more. SB1070 did a couple of things and right now it is being challenged by the Obama administration on its constitutionality. The bill basically says the following:
  • Requires official, state agency and political division to fully comply with federal immigration laws and prohibits the use of policies that would hibat the enforcement of immigrations laws in communities.
  • Requires employers to keep and maintain employment records for up to 3 years.
  • Establishes crimes of tresspassing by illegal aliens
  • Requires that any civil pentalties for violations be put into an account to fight gang and illegal immigration.
After this bill passed and was signed by Govornor Jane Brewer, the State of Arizona came under fire and there were calls for boycots of Arizona. Even one of Arizona members of the House of Representatives, Raul Grivalja called for a boycot of the state, and his actions almost cost him his seat in 2010.

Recall Effort

There is now a recall effort underway to recall Senator Russell Pearce by an organization calling it's self Citizen's For A Better Arizona. This group has until May 31st to gather the required number of signatures. This organizatin is also pushing the City of Mesa to get involved in the illegl immigration debate by having the city review a document similart to the Utah Compact, which in my opinion is wrong for the City of Mesa to be doing, the city has bigger issues than this to be dealing with.

The issue of illegal immigration is such a hot topic that divides people, I believe that the City of Mesa it should stay away from any discussion of the issue and making recommendations. Realistically the city can do nothing with the state law except make it stricter within the city limits. The city can't loosen or change the law in any way so it is just a waste of time to discuss it. Instead of discussing this issue the city should be focused on bring the community together and not ripping it apart.

In the end; I believe that the recall effort will fail, not because of lack of effort but because the people want action taken on illegal immigration and Senator Pearce is seen as the only one making effort to deal with the problem.

What Do I Think Of All This?
  1. I thinks the groups attacking Russell Pearce, aren't hurting him but are going to make him stronger and the cause stronger.
  2. The name calling on both sides of the fence, accomplishes nothing and because of the rhetoric the real issues can't be discussed.
  3. If people want real immigration reform they need to talk to those in Washington D.C.. The action being taken here is a direct result of the failure of the Federal Government.
  4. If the supporters of illegal immigrants want to make their point they would do better by finding and supporting ways to curb illegal immigration and reducing the cost of it to the State of Arizona and the citizens. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.
What Do You Think?

What are your thoughts? Do you think the recall effort will succeed or fail? Should Mesa be looking a Utah Compact type of document.

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