Thursday, August 4, 2011

What Does Jerry Lewis & Kevin Gibbons Have In Common?

The question is what does Jerry Lewis the wana be Mesa LD 18 candidate and Kevin Gibbons have in common?

  1. Randy Parraz - Union organizer, pro-gay marriage, failed U.S. Senate candidate
  2. Chad Snow - immigration attorney, open border supporter
  3. Chase Barrett/Nathan Sproul - Kevin Gibbons campaign managers (The Arizona Guardian)
If you guessed number 3 you are right.

If you remember the campaign 3 or so years ago, you will recall that it was one of the dirties races ever run by an opposing candidate. It was a campaign that attacked Senator Pearce wife and family, friends and anyone else who supported Pearce or his run office.

If you don't remember it was Kevin Gibbons immigration attorney, Jeff Flakes brother-in-law and it was Mike Haller, Jeff Flakes staffer who dug up the domestic violence charges that really didn't happen.

Jerry Lewis has said that he wants this to be a clean positive race yet he goes out and hirer the same campaign consultants who ran one of the dirties campaigns in state history.

In my opinion Jerry Lewis is just plan stupid or is just really naive, in either case I think Jerry Lewis is taking the gloves off and is going knuckle to knuckle with Senate President Russell Pearce. I really think Dea Montague, John Giles, Mike Cowan, Beth Coons, Rich Crandell and others pushing Jerry to run had better step back and rethink things and really see if they want to be associated with people like Randy Parraz, Nathan Sproul and Chase Barrett.

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  1. Sounds like they are all cut from the same die. I don't know how those people can look in the mirror every morning and not a have guilty conscience.....not for having an opposing opinion, but for having little or no morals or values when it comes to showing respect and decency on opposing views. It's okay to disagree, but save the nasty, dirty politics to the thugs.


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