Thursday, September 8, 2011

Citizen's For A Better Arizona (Mesa), Ya Right!

I've taken some heat for the Randy Parraz recall signs that went up pointing out who is behind the recall effort. Gilbert Watch has done a really good job pointing out who Randy Parraz is in To the Supporters of Jerry Lewis: So why should I be the only one to take a little heat?

Now Randy Parraz and Citizen's for a Better Arizona are up to it again.

It was recently brought to my attention that this group who wants to make "Arizona a better place" is targeting businesses that support Russell Pearce.

Below are just a couple of the comments these people are making from one of their Facebook Pages.

Robert H McDonald Jr said:  
I was driving down mesa Dr and spotted the first of several Russell Pearce signs. Most were posted at businesses like Norm's watch repair and Millitts insurance Co. We need to boycott any business that supports that criminal.

Moiro Carney said:
I agree w' Robert, boycott those businesses. Or better yet-make it a point to stop in as if you were going to give them your business, and then mention that you can't in good faith support their business because they support Pearce

Respect Respecto said:  
My recommendation is to walk in an establishment, THEN notice the sign ... make small talk about "I can't believe you support Pearce ... " and walk out. Don't forget to make sure other customers hear you.

Robert Hassch said:
Probably banking on the assumption that they will survive between today and Friday. (signs)

Is Randy Parraz and the recall supporters of Russell Pearce really for a better Arizona?

These are the kinds of tactics that Unions and their thugs use to break a business. It is also the kind a antics open border advocates tried to use against Pruitts Furniture in Phoenix, in which finally the police had to be brought in. It is similar to what they did when they tried to invite themselves to a private part party sponsored by supporters of Russell Pearce of which Michael Wright of the Wright House was involved in.

The recall groups, supporters and candidates talk about civility, but yet their actions don't show it. Is this really the kind of people you want down at the legislature? I have never seen Russell Pearce advocate these kinds of tactics against a business.

Russell Pearce on the other hand looks to built build business up by fighting to keep taxes low, by fighting to keep government regulation down, by keeping jobs in Mesa i.e. the Cubs, Arizona Regional Medical Center (300 jobs), and Cindi's Cafe to name a few. 

Big difference between advocating for a Better Arizona and Mesa than that which Randy Parraz and his recall supporters are doing.


  1. Very well said, Matt. This kind of response is expected from some, but if Jerry Lewis and his campaign manager, and his supporters, don't speak out AGAINST these kinds of comments and these actions (such as the cut up Pearce sign I found), then I would have to assume they condone it. If you claim to be good, upstanding, law abiding citizens (and members of the LDS church), speak out against these types of people who reflect poorly on your supporters. Reminds me of Barrack Hussein Obama feeling no obligation to speak out against Hoffa and his comments about "taking out the SOB's",referring to the "tea party", while introducing his President. I can most certainly tell you my father would not condone this kind of behavior from his supporters and would speak out against it. I hope to hear something soon from Jerry Lewis. We'll see.

  2. I hope Olivia Cortes speaks out against these heinous violations as well.

  3. It is sad to see what these people are trying to do to Mesa and Az. This type of bullying is all they know. They plan to put Mr. Lewis in at all cost.. Next will be to make our state another California, where the illegal's have more rights than the citizens of the USA. I am a citizen of the USA first, and a Hispanic second.

  4. Randy Parraz and the open borders/illegal alien supporters are very good at telling us what is better for us... just like the current administration. The problem is that the only things that they are promoting as good for us is what is good for them. I don't know about the rest of Arizona but I, for one, am perfectly capable of seeing and deciding what is good for me and mine... and it is NOT anything or anyone that aids, abets, promotes, encourages or supports illegal immigration, open borders, birthright citizenship and/or any form of amnesty for illegal alien trespassers.

    Randy Parraz and his followers reperesent the very worst for us. Russell Pearce has proven time and time again that he wants the very best for us and he's been very effective at getting it. Is it any wonder that they want to take him out?


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