Friday, December 2, 2011

United States Budget Made Easy

Here is the United States budget.

  •  . U.S. Tax revenue: $2,170,000,000,000
  •  . Fed budget: $3,820,000,000,000
  •  . New debt: $ 1,650,000,000,000
  •  . National debt: $14,271,000,000,000
  •  . Recent budget cut: $ 38,500,000,000
Remove 8 zeros & pretend it's your household budget.
  •  . Annual family income: $21,700
  •  . Money the family spent: $38,200
  •  . New debt on the credit card: $16,500
  •  . Outstanding balance on credit card: $142,710.
  •  . Total budget cuts: $385

 Sort of brings the issue "home" doesn't it?

So why can our congressional leaders understand it? We all do!

Welfare State, Has It Changed Any?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

How Jerry Lewis Won In Part

Arizona Capitol Times
Grassroots ‘Mormon Fall’ aided Lewis victory
by Evan Wyloge
Published: November 10th, 2011
Though Jerry Lewis was cautious about saying exactly how important the Mormon church was to his campaign, the political newcomer’s upset win over Senate President Russell Pearce largely relied on a quiet, grassroots effort among Mesa’s faithful.
As the final results of the Nov. 8 recall election became clear, Tyler Montague, an integral campaign insider for Lewis, revealed how vital early support was among members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
“Yes. I can finally say it. From the beginning, we went to stake presidents and bishops to get their support,” Montague said of high-ranking Mormon members.
“I heard someone call it the ‘Mormon Fall,’ and I think that totally fits,” he said, comparing the recall election to the mass protests in North Africa and the Middle East known as the “Arab Spring.”
Their approach: Offer a simple choice to the most influential Mormons in Mesa. We said, ‘Here’s what the Mormon Church says about immigration, and here’s what Russell Pearce says about it. Where do you come down?’” Montague said.
...Daryl M. Williams, a member of the Paradise Valley Stake High Council and a trial attorney, said he could see the way the Mormon community responded to the church’s stance, and that he believes it played heavily in Lewis’ success.
“It was more than just a useful tool. It was a critical turning point in Mr. Lewis’ campaign,” Williams said.
Although Williams wasn’t officially part of the Lewis campaign, he said he developed the view that Pearce was damaging for the church and that he couldn’t back away from getting involved himself.
So Williams organized meetings where he tried to explain to everyday Mormon voters what the church’s stance meant.
“I held what’s called in the Mormon world a ‘fireside’ in Russell Pearce’s district. There were a lot of Mormons there,” Williams said. “I was not campaigning for Lewis, as much as I was campaigning for what is right and moral.”
Williams said Lewis attended one of the meetings where Williams spoke, and that Lewis took him aside afterward to express his agreement and encourage Williams’ message.
Springing from those initial conversations, the Lewis campaign felt it could build an alliance with the influential members in Mesa’s Mormon community.
“It’s a small community and we knew we needed to target opinion-makers at a neighborhood level,” Montague said.
Lewis said he knew early on that getting the support from leaders in the church and in the community more broadly would be a key to his success. That would happen, Lewis said, by approaching those leaders early in the campaign and on an individual basis.
This will be the last cometary I will make on Jerry Lewis

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Immigration Debate Justice & Mercy

There has been a lot of debate about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints statement on immigration. Those that demand Justice and those the demand Mercy. I think in this debate we need to be mindful of a parable told by Boyd K. Packer

Let me tell you a story--a parable.

There once was a man who wanted something very much. It seemed more important than anything else in his life. In order for him to have his desire, he incurred a great debt.

He had been warned about going into that much debt, and particularly about his creditor. But it seemed so important for him to do what he wanted to do and to have what he wanted right now. He was sure he could pay for it later.

So he signed a contract. He would pay it off some time along the way. He didn't worry too much about it, for the due date seemed such a long time away. He had what he wanted now, and that was what seemed important.

The creditor was always somewhere in the back of his mind, and he made token payments now and again, thinking somehow that the day of reckoning really would never come.

But as it always does, the day came, and the contract fell due. The debt had not been fully paid. His creditor appeared and demanded payment in full.

Only then did he realize that his creditor not only had the power to repossess all that he owned, but the power to cast him into prison as well.

"I cannot pay you, for I have not the power to do so," he confessed.

"Then," said the creditor, "we will exercise the contract, take your possessions, and you shall go to prison. You agreed to that. It was your choice. You signed the contract, and now it must be enforced."

"Can you not extend the time or forgive the debt?" the debtor begged. "Arrange some way for me to keep what I have and not go to prison. Surely you believe in mercy? Will you not show mercy?"

The creditor replied, "Mercy is always so one-sided. It would serve only you. If I show mercy to you, it will leave me unpaid. It is justice I demand. Do you believe in justice?"

"I believed in justice when I signed the contract," the debtor said. "It was on my side then, for I thought it would protect me. I did not need mercy then, nor think I should need it ever. Justice, I thought, would serve both of us equally as well."

"It is justice that demands that you pay the contract or suffer the penalty," the creditor replied. "That is the law. You have agreed to it and that is the way it must be. Mercy cannot rob justice."

There they were: One meting out justice, the other pleading for mercy. Neither could prevail except at the expense of the other.

"If you do not forgive the debt there will be no mercy," the debtor pleaded.

"If I do, there will be no justice," was the reply.

Both laws, it seemed, could not be served. They are two eternal ideals that appear to contradict one another. Is there no way for justice to be fully served, and mercy also?

There is a way! The law of justice can be fully satisfied and mercy can be fully extended--but it takes someone else. And so it happened this time.

The debtor had a friend. He came to help. He knew the debtor well. He knew him to be shortsighted. He thought him foolish to have gotten himself into such a predicament. Nevertheless, he wanted to help because he loved him. He stepped between them, faced the creditor, and made this offer.

"I will pay the debt if you will free the debtor from his contract so that he may keep his possessions and not go to prison."

As the creditor was pondering the offer, the mediator added, "You demanded justice. Though he cannot pay you, I will do so. You will have been justly dealt with and can ask no more. It would not be just."

And so the creditor agreed.

The mediator turned then to the debtor. "If I pay your debt, will you accept me as your creditor?"

"Oh yes, yes," cried the debtor. "You save me from prison and show mercy to me."

"Then," said the benefactor, "you will pay the debt to me and I will set the terms. It will not be easy, but it will be possible. I will provide a way. You need not go to prison."

And so it was that the creditor was paid in full. He had been justly dealt with. No contract had been broken. The debtor, in turn, had been extended mercy. Both laws stood fulfilled. Because there was a mediator, justice had claimed its full share, and mercy was fully satisfied.

Each of us lives on a kind of spiritual credit. One day the account will be closed, a settlement demanded. However casually we may view it now, when that day comes and the foreclosure is imminent, we will look around in restless agony for someone, anyone, to help us.

And, by eternal law, mercy cannot be extended save there be one who is both willing and able to assume our debt and pay the price and arrange the terms for our redemption.

Unless there is a mediator, unless we have a friend, the full weight of justice untempered, unsympathetic, must, positively must fall on us. The full recompense for every transgression, however minor or however deep, will be exacted from us to the uttermost farthing.

But know this: Truth, glorious truth, proclaims there is such a Mediator.

"For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus." (1 Tim. 2:5.)

Through Him mercy can be fully extended to each of us without offending the eternal law of justice. (From "The Mediator," Ensign, May 1977, pp. 54-56)

I think that we need to remember that in order for their to be MERCY there must be a mediator or someone to pay the demands of JUSTICE.

In the debate over immigration we know what the demand are for Justice are. What we don't know is who willing pay the demands of Justice in order for their to be Mercy.

Just something to think about.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jerry Lewis Supporter Randy Parraz.

The man behind he recall of Russell Pearce and supporter of Jerry Lewis.

How much is Randy Paid by Unions?

Russell Pearce Responds TO GOP Questions.

The Arizona Republican Party sent out a questionnaire to all three candidates. Russell Pearce was the first to respond, the question now is will the other Republican candidates respond or will they remain silent.

My contention is that Russell Pearce has nothing to gain by being fourth coming in his responses, while the other candidates have everything to lose. So the question is will the other candidates respond in a timely manner in order for this information to get out to the public. As of now the other candidates haven't been so forth coming in answering questions.
Arizona Republican Party Survey - District 18 - Russell Pe…

Monday, October 3, 2011

Update - Jerry Lewis, Russell Pearce and Mormon Church's Stance On Immigration

Here is updated information done by a researcher on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Days Saints position on Bishops, Stake Presidents and other participation in the electoral process.

My previous post Jerry Lewis, Russell Pearce and Mormon Church's Stance On Immigration I thought was clear but here is some additional information.

It is inappropriate to invoke the church and its membership lists in any political matter.  
This is against church policy and endangers its tax-exempt status.  

According to the Church Handbook 2 Section 21.1.29 paragraph 3 “While affirming the right of expression on political and social issues, the church is neutral regarding political parties, political platforms, and candidates for public office.  The church does not endorse any political party or candidate.  Nor does it advise members how to vote….stake presidents and other local leaders should not organize members to participate in political matters or attempt to influence how they participate.”

Paragraph 4: “Candidates for public office should not imply that their candidacy is endorsed by the church or its leaders.
Church leaders and members should also avoid statements or conduct that might be interpreted as church endorsement of any political party, platform, policy, or candidate.”

This One's for Sen. Pearce!

Rebuttal of misinformation regarding Pearce statement

The information provided above was compiled by a researcher who I don't know and was forwarded to me by Pearce supporter. It is long and contains a lot of information. I believe it will also be available at Gilbert Watch as well, another really good blog with information.


“Senator Pearce is, has been, and will continue to be a fierce advocate for
the law enforcement community. He is dedicated to the Rule of Law;
protection of the public and protection of Officer’s Rights. He recognizes
and acts on the need to improve state, national and international security
measures. Senator Pearce is willing to take the fight to the front lines
instead of waiting for those whose intent is to do us harm to arrive on the
doorstep of our homes, businesses and governmental institutions. His
fortitude and dedication to the community he represents and the State of
Arizona is exemplified by the honor bestowed on him by the members of this
association,” Brian Livingston, APA Executive Director, stated. “

Read more here

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Senator Pearce & Governor Welcome Medical School

For Immediate Release

For More Information Contact Ed Phillips at 480-648-5599


Senator Russell Pearce and Governor Jan Brewer joined in welcoming the Mayo Medical SchoolArizona Campus yesterday. The expansion by the world famous Mayo Clinic is a positive sign in Arizona’s future economic and educational growth.

The Mayo Medical School will include a key collaboration with Arizona State University (ASU). This new branch of Mayo Medical School will off a specialized master’s degree in the Science of Health Care Delivery.

Senator Pearce said of the collaboration: “This new collaboration will aid in meeting the growing medical demands of Arizona’s residents.  The prospect of partnering with a world class medical provider brings greater opportunities for students in Arizona.  That’s always a good thing.  I look forward to watching this new partnership evolve”.

The press release from the Mayo Clinic and Arizona State University is attached

Paid for by Patriots for Pearce

Jerry Lewis, Russell Pearce and Mormon Church's Stance On Immigration.

At the last Republican legislative district 18 meeting on September 27, there was some discussion on the LDS churches stance on illegal immigration so I thought I would post the first couple of paragraphs and a link to the rest of the statement. The of  Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints made this statement on June 10, 2011. There have been two statement made and this is the latest.

Around the world, debate on the immigration question has become intense.  That is especially so in the United States. Most Americans agree that the federal government of the United States should secure its borders and sharply reduce or eliminate the flow of undocumented immigrants. Unchecked and unregulated, such a flow may destabilize society and ultimately become unsustainable.

As a matter of policy, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints discourages its members from entering any country without legal documentation, and from deliberately overstaying legal travel visas.

What to do with the estimated 12 million undocumented immigrants now residing in various states within the United States is the biggest challenge in the immigration debate.  The bedrock moral issue for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is how we treat each other as children of God...... read full text here.
I think it is important to note that it is not a legal issue for the church but a humanitarian issue for the church and how to deal with those already here illegally in the country. I think it is also important to note that the church encourages its members to comply with the laws in the countries they reside and to square themselves with the law if they are not in compliance.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints also has a policy statement:


Emigration of Members

Generally, members are encouraged to remain in their native lands to build up and strengthen the Church. Opportunities for Church activity and for receiving and sharing the blessings of the gospel are increasing greatly throughout the world. As members remain in their homelands and work to build the Church there, great blessings will come to them personally and to the Church. Stakes and wards throughout the world will be strengthened, making it possible to share the blessings of the gospel with an even greater number of Heavenly Father’s children.

Experience has shown that those who emigrate often encounter language, cultural, and economic challenges, resulting in disappointment and personal and family difficulties.
Missionaries should not ask their parents, relatives, or others to sponsor members who wish to emigrate to other countries.

Members who emigrate to any country should comply with applicable laws.

When coming to the United States or other countries on student or tourist visas, members should not expect to find jobs or obtain permanent visas after entering that country.

To be considered for Church employment in any country, a person must meet all conditions of immigration and naturalization laws. The Church does not sponsor immigration through Church employment.
The church also recognizes the difficulties that people encounter, which can also result in personal and family difficulties. The church also recognizes that in order to be employed a person must meet all condition of immigration and naturalization laws.

For Jerry Lewis and his supporter to say that the church doesn't agree with SB1070 or other immigrations laws is wrong.

What they are doing by bring the church in to immigration debate in this recall is mixing church and state and trying to confuse and miss-represent the LDS Church's position on the issue to gain the LDS communities support for their candidate. This is wrong!

I encourage anybody that has questions about the LDS Churches position on immigration to study it out for themselves, make their own determination and not relay upon political candidates or their supporters for interpretation of the churches position.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Statewide Rally To Support Russell Pearce

A m e r i c a n  P o s t - G a z e t t e
Distributed by C O M M O N  S E N S E , in Arizona
September 12, 2011
to Support
State Senate President Russell Pearce!

Conservatives are coming together from all across Arizona to   support Senator Russell Pearce against the RECALL!

WHERE:    Hohokam Stadium (Chicago Cubs Stadium)
                       1235 N. Center Street, Mesa, Az. 85201
WHEN:      FRIDAY, October 14th (Rally)
TIME:         7:00pm (gates open at 6:00pm)

 ALSO:      SATURDAY Morning, October 15th
                    Walk Senator Pearce's District and
           Volunteer to make calls from a Phone Bank
                    (Time and location coming soon)

*Sheriff Joe Arpaio * Sheriff Paul Babeu * Mike Broomhead KFYI Radio
* Senator Andy Biggs * Senator Steve Smith * Representative Michelle Ugenti * Representative John Kavanaugh * Representative Eddie Farnsworth * Superintendent John Huppenthal * GOP Chair Tom Morrissey
(And Many Others to be announced)

For more information about this Rally go to:

Guest Post In Support of Russell Pearce

Hey everyone,

Not all of you live within Arizona's Legislative District 18 but most of you I am sure have heard of the recall effort has been taking place against Senate President Russell Pearce.  Over the past couple of weeks I have felt the need to send you all an email and explain what is really going on with the recall election. 

The recall planning has been taking place since about a year before Russell Pearce was re-elected into office in 2010.  The man who filed the recall and has organized signature gatherers, etc. is Randy Parraz is a union organizer who has taught racist courses at ASU teaching that Hispanics were robbed of their land by the whites and have been oppressed ever since.  He is a left wing progressive who is pro-homosexual marriage, pro-abortion, pro-socialism, anti-guns, etc.
Randy Parraz is not from Arizona and nobody in his organization lives within the boundaries of Russell's district (LD 18) except for one person who was needed in order to file the recall.  Even though Randy's group "Citizens for a Better Arizona" is comprised of people who do not lie in LD18, they felt the need to decide for us who we do and don't want to represent us.  They poured an estimated $75,000+ just into paying hired signature gathers.  This effort began over a year before Russell was elected back into office in 2010 and took almost 2 years to gather enough signatures.

Randy Parraz was educated at Berkley (one of the nations most liberal Universities) and was later trained by some of the most radical and progressive people in America to be an effective community organizer (much like Barack Obama).  He was trained and has trained many others to do the same.  He was later sent to Arizona (lives in Scottsdale) with a Mission to turn Arizona into a Democratic Blue State.  I first met Randy Parraz in front of the Mesa Public Library where he and a group of his cronies were gathering recall signatures.  I was wearing a "Vote Russell Pearce" T-shirt (I have 5 of them and wear them frequently) as they noticed I was a Pearce supporter Randy and one of his progressive thugs began to physically assault me by pushing into me and stepping on my feet and not letting me go.  As I asked them politely to get off of my foot and let me go, they began telling me to leave or they will call the cops and tell them that I was physically assaulting THEM! My Dad was there and was the only witness besides Randy Parraz and his 10 friends.  This is the kind of people who are behind this recall election.

The plan all along was not to recruit a democratic candidate to run against Russell in the recall election, but to find a republican (any republican) to run against him.  The reason for this is because Russell has accomplished and continues to accomplish more for conservatism and American values than any other legislator in our generation.  Jerry Lewis is being used as a pawn in this left wing scam and it is extremely disheartening to see many good people join the ranks on the Jerry Lewis side.  Jerry Lewis is a good man but I can assure you that if elected into office, he will not accomplish much if anything in the Arizona Senate.  This is exactly what the liberals want and it has been the goal of the far left all along.  To put on the breaks for conservatism in LD18, not to pull a U-turn.

I was talking to a member of Jerry's campaign telling him that after viewing Jerry's interview on PBS and other programs and looking at his platform on his campaign website it became apparent to me that he only gives lofty goals like "I want Arizona to be a great place for students" or "I want Arizona to be a great place for businesses" or but those are goals that are given by Republicans and Democrats alike.  I told the member of his campaign that I noticed even when he is given direct questions on what specific plans he has in mind to accomplish those goals or what he will do differently than Senator Pearce, he skirts around the issues and doesn't give any plans as to how he plans on achieving those goals.  The member of his campaign admitted to me that Jerry does not yet know how to accomplish those goals and doesn't have a plan yet.  I was also speaking to another member of his campaign and he admitted to me that he knows that Jerry will not accomplish much as Senator.  Both of these instances were direct conversations that I had with members of his campaign committee and were not "hearsay".

The recall effort is a nonsensical abuse of our electoral process and it is an assault on our constitution.  Recalls were meant to be used in events of corruption, dishonesty, malicious activity, or violations of the law.  Russell is guilty of none of those things and he is the most honest, moral legislator we have in the State of Arizona.  He does not compromise his values for campaign contributions, he does not exchange votes with other legislators, he does not back down when cheap labor groups, Randy Parraz, the democratic party or the labor unions threaten him with a recall.  And he does not compromise his values because his decisions might not be popular.

Russell Pearce has the courage, the integrity and the experience that LD 18 needs right now and I urge everyone who is currently on the fence or leaning in favor of Jerry Lewis to look at their records and to look at who is behind the recall effort.  I urge you all to look at Russell's track record.  Study our constitution.  There is more at stake in this election that we understand.  Socialism has been slowly creeping into our governments policies, our federal government has slowly grown larger and larger outside of the constitutional limitations it was given by our founding fathers, states rights have slowly been taken away by the federal government, our freedoms have slowly been taken away, and morality and God have slowly but surely been dismissed from the debate.  Russell is the only legislator who protects the constitution, our freedoms, and our values without compromise.  He has never stopped protecting our freedoms.

The recall election is an unfair election because there is no primary or general election.  There will be 2 republican candidates that will be voted on by not only their republican peers (as in a primary election) but also by all independents and democrats.  This means that the 30% of LD 18 which is democrat will vote for Jerry Lewis, and most of the independents.  This means that Jerry Lewis might win with only 15-20% of the republican vote.  I think that it is sad that Jerry Lewis could win this election without even coming close to acquiring a majority of support from the party that he professes to represent.  
I know that many of you don't agree with Russell on all the issues.  That's alright.  As Russell puts it "those of you who are married know that you can often disagree with those you love most." Whether you agree with Russell 95% of the time or 75% of the time, I promise you that this recall election is more than a election against two opposing views.  This is an election that will decide the fate of Arizona politics forever.  Jerry Lewis is being used as a pawn by Randy Parraz and his progressive

I will not allow Randy Parraz to manipulate my district for his agenda.  If Russell loses in this recall election, recalls could very well become a popular tool that the left will continue to use against the most conservative leaders in Arizona.

Here is a very abbreviated list of just a few of Russell's accomplishments as an AZ legislator.  No other legislator in my generation has had the moral convictions, work ethic, and love for our constitution and for God as Russell does and nobody has or will accomplish more than he has.

Fiscal Responsibility:
- Passed a $500,000,000 tax reduction bill for Arizona families, the largest tax relief bill in Arizona history.
- This past year he lead and passed a balanced budget (first time in years) with NO new borrowing and NO new taxes, after taking on a tremendous state deficit.
- Only Arizonan and one of only 7 legislators in history to receive the "Hero of the Taxpayer" award from the American Tax Reform Association.
- Also was awarded the "Champion of the Taxpayer" award by the National Organization of Americans for Prosperity.
- Rated "Friend of the Taxpayer" by the Arizona Tax Payers Association

Supporting business and job growth:
-  Sponsored the “Arizona Competitiveness Package” which cut corporate taxes by 30% and business property taxes by 10%.

Protect property rights and limitations of government authority:
- Sponsored legislation to stop eminent domain abuse and protect property rights.
- Recognized by the Goldwater Institute as haven “proved to be the strongest ally… against government encroachment on liberty.”

Protect 2nd amendment rights:
- Sponsored SB1108 the "Freedom to Carry Act" restoring 2nd amendment rights to Arizonans and making Arizona the number one state for 2nd amendment freedom.
- Consistently given an A+ rating by the NRA
- Given the top ranking by the Arizona Citizens Defense League

Family values:
- Wrote Prop 102 which amended the Arizona constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman, preserving the sanctity of marriage.
- 100% pro-life record

Protect equality and eliminate racial preference:
- Wrote Prop 107 which ended affirmative action in Arizona (reverse racism).

Improve education:
- Honored by Arizona School Public Relations Association for his outstanding contributions to public education.
- Named a “Champion for ASU” for his support of students, their families, and higher education at a ceremony at ASU
- Honored by the Arizona Technology Council for protecting and advancing Arizona as a top tier technology state several years in a row
- Given the "Apple Award" by Parents for Education for his continued work on achieving high results for education, while supporting Parents rights in educational choice.

Fighting illegal immigration and standing up for the rule of law:
- Wrote Prop 200 in 2004 stopping welfare and voting fraud. (passed on the ballot by over a 70% of the voters)
- Wrote Prop 100 in 2006 which denies bond to illegal immigrants who have committed serious and violent crimes. (passed on the ballot by 78% of the voters)
- Wrote Prop 102 in 2006 which prevents the same from receiving punitive damages. (passed on the ballot by 75% of the voters)
- Wrote Prop 103 in 2006 making English the official of Arizona. (Passed by 73% of the voters)
- Sponsored and passed the employers sanctions law in 2007 which puts penalties on employers for hiring illegal immigrants.
- Sponsored and passed SB1070 which allows Arizona to enforce the federal immigration laws which have been left unenforced for many years.

While Director of the MVD:- Produced a savings of over $10 million in administrative costs annually
- Created Service Arizona, the first and only service of its kind presented implemented by a government agency.  It has received an E-Business award from IBM
- Reduced wait times for MVD customers from over two hours to about twenty minutes
- Created GITEM (Gang, Intelligence, Training, Enforcement Mission) a state-wide task force to combat the growing gang violence in Arizona
- Expanded the DUI Task Force into a statewide effort.
- Promoted alcohol "Zero Tolerance" for youth under 21.
- Receieved national recognition and a national award for a Hispanic outreach program to reduce DUI's and underage drinking.

As Chief Deputy of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office:
- Created Tent City, producing millions of dollars worth of savings annually for the tax payer.
- Awarded the Medal of Valor while serving as a Deputy for his bravery and persistence to continue to apprehend assaulters even after being shot through the hand and chest (without wearing a protective vest).
- Created the Arizona Auto Theft Authority and funded it with assessments from insurance companies using no tax payer dollars.  With over a 1300% return on investment and a 47% reduction in auto thefts in Arizona, it has been given a national award as being the most effective program of its kind.  (Arizona is no longer #1 in auto thefts)
- Implemented the Arizona Automated Fingerprint identification (AFIS).  AFIS is a high speed image processing system that enhances the ability of the latent fingerprint examiners to search and identify crime scene evidence.  Hailed as one of the best and most innovative law enforcement tools for catching criminals, he crafted the system using fees and fines from convicts.

While Justice of the Peace:
- Established the North Mesa court as the ranking “most efficient court in Arizona.”

Please support Russell in this coming election.  If any of you have any questions regarding the election, Russell's views, track record, or anything they have read or heard from the media, please let me know.

~Talmage Pearce

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Democrats Attack Mesa Board Members Over Redistricting Vote!

Every 10 years the City of Mesa has to go through a process of adjusting district boundaries based on the census. That process is going on right now and on October 3 the Mesa City Council is scheduled to take a vote on the proposed plan.

This plan is a modified version of Plan B. Plan be is supported by a majority of the council I've been told. Their is one detractor and that is Dennis Kavanaugh.

Mr. Kavanaugh would prefer a plan that would allow him to get his hands into the Riverview Park Area, that would be bad for West Mesa and the planed redevelopment of the area. Unfortunately many of those in West Mesa are more focused on the Russell Pearce Recall and have taken their eye off the mark of making West Mesa a better place.

The process has not been very simple for residence of Mesa to follow. First there have been problems with the consultant that was hired in planning and providing information and documentation to council members, they also haven't been able to dictate to the public very well what is going on.

When was the last time you heard anything about redistricting?

Even though Mesa's elections are non partisan in nature and 4 of the 5 members are Democrats that hasn't stopped the Democrats from attacking one of their own over their vote for modified plan B.Saying now that individual didn't know what they were voting for.

The Democrats are now trying to redo the process before it is sent to the city council for a vote on October 3. I would encourage anyone interested to attend the meeting and tell the council that modified plan B is the best one for Mesa and if you are from West Mesa make sure that you tell them to keep Dennis Kavanaugh out of the area.

There will be more to come as I find out more information about what is going on.

Read What Supporters Of Jerry Lewis and Randy Parraz Are Saying Now!

Here is more of what Randy Parraz and Jerry Lewis supports are now saying about Russell Pearce. These comments have been posted in a FB group supporting Jerry Lewis and watching Pearce.

These comment had been made in regards to a October 14th & 15th event to support the Senator. I think it does a pretty good job of showing the hate these people have.

Where did the love go that Jerry Lewis has called for?

Tommy O. Collins It will get really filthy from the pearce camp now... they have no class at all and their candidate has not the chance of an ice cube in a hot oven.Friday at 8:29pm · 5 people

Julie Legler Jorgensen It's been filthy for 11 years.22 hours ago · 1 person

Tommy O. Collins ‎@Julie, DO NOT make the mistake of underestimating the corruption and criminal nature of pearce and his gang of miscreants, including MCSO. If I were Mr. Lewis I would have security systems installed at home, along with 24/7 surveillance...20 hours ago · 3 people

Julie Legler Jorgensen Do you think they were behind the padlock incident?
18 hours ago

Tommy O. Collins ‎@Julie, if your question is directed at me... it's possible, but there is no way to find out until one of the goobers (or his girlfriend) brags about it in an open bar where someone else hears it and reports it. OR (as is most common) the guy involved beats up his girlfriend (which he learned to do from watching his dad beat up mom) and she turns on him to have his sorry ass put in jail with his brother...
3 hours ago
No doubt these comments will be removed the same as the last one got removed after I post about what they want to do to Mesa businesses

Russell Pearce & Business Owners! Here What They Say.

Claude & Kathy Adams, Owners Pete's Fish n Chips:
Running a small business is always a challenge. Senator Pearce understands this so that's why he has always been a strong supporter of small business by passing legislation that lowers taxes and regulations. His legislation helped our business and others grow. We need leaders like Senator Pearce to help stabilize and grown this economy.

Earl Johnson, Owner Johnson Stewart Company:
As a longtime Mesa resident and small business owner, I proudly stand in support of Senator Russell Pearce. Senator Pearce is a rarity among politicians these days in that he keeps his word to his constituents and does exactly what he tells them he's going to do. Senator Pearce has been a strong supporter of small business by consistently voting to keep taxes low and removing burdensome regulations.

National Federation of Independent Business had this to say:
Small business job creators support Senator Russell Pearce because he's one of Arizona's most pro-small business lawmakers. We stand by Senator Pearce because he consistently stands by small business. We need his in the legislature to help ensure Arizona's private sector can create jobs and get economy growing again.
Do you stand with these businesses or do you stand with Randy Parraz in the recall election?

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Real Winers In Education, Teachers or Kids?

According the story below Arizona English teachers or those that teach English to our children don't need to be proficient in the the language, have good grammar, or can mispronounce words anymore.

I think I'm going to apply for a job to teach English in our public school system because characteristics fit me perfectly well.English has never been my strong point and now I can take that and get a job with it.

don't believe me you can read more about it right here.

I you don't want to read it. Here is an example of what they are talking about:

Exmples of concerns included a teacher who asked her English learners "How do we call it in English?" and teachers who pronounced "levels" as "lebels" and "much" as "mush." Last year, federal officials found monitoring reports that documented teachers who pronounced "the" as "da" and "lives here" as "leeves here."
Finely there is hope for me and all the rest of us that have trouble with the English language. The USA is really a place of possibilities.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Who is the REAL WINNER in the Recall Race?

Everybody knows where I stand in this race and everybody knows about the sham I feel this recall is to the voters of Mesa and the State of Arizona.

Now I know, some people will disagree with me and that is fine. But it can't be said that I don't stand up for what I believe to be right even if others feel I'm total wrong. I call it as I see it.

Putting that aside let's take a little deeper look at the issue of the recall and the potential out come.

The recall group and those opposing the senator Pearce say he is hurting Arizona and not focusing on the needs of Arizonans. I question that and I question their motives in the recall. Is it really to "Better Arizona or Mesa" as I pointed out previously post or is there another motive.

Senator Pearce has brought attention to the issue of illegal immigration, both on locally and national level. His action have forced the federal government to take notice and to take action on the issue by suing the State of Arizona. Other states are now following Arizona's lead and have their own version of SB1070 that they are working on or have passed and guess what they are being sued also. Because of Senator Pearce's efforts in this area, to protect Arizona, Arizonans and the nation for that matter; he has become a high profile target for those in opposition to having states participate in doing the job the federal government has failed or refuses to do.

The political party that has the most interest in NOT dealing with the immigration issue is the Democratic Party. Why because they see the Latino vote as a vote for them and they do not want to do anything that would dilute the vote. That is one reason why they are so against cleaning up the voter roles here in Arizona and across the nation.

And that is why they have targeted Senate President Russell Pearce for removal.

Democrats are very united in their efforts and if they move slowly or quickly it doesn't matter because they are good at staying united and working for their goal of socialism. Republicans on the other hand, have a much harder time doing that and that works to the advantage of the Democrats.

The Democrats have been trying for years and waiting for the right time to strike. They have been planning for this moment for some time. The recall against Senator President Russell Pearce was planed even before the last legislative session started in January of 2011.

That is where Randy Parraz comes into the pictures. As one supporter said:
He (Randy Parraz) moved to Arizona from California, for the purpose of making changes in Arizona.  He has been trained, and has trained others, in doing exactly that. His goal is to turn Arizona into a blue state.
So what have the good Republicans of legislative district 18 done, they took the bait! Randy Parraz provided the hook, (recall) and Republicans who would not of taken the bait before now have. As another supporter said:

Who is the winner and who is the loser in what you see right now?  The Democrat Randy Parraz is the hands-down winner.  He has gotten not just Republicans to fight against each other, he has gotten Mormons to fight against each other.   He has gotten Arizona Conservatives to take their attention off other, very  important issues and instead focus on “the recall election of Russell Pearce”!   You (Republican detractors) made the decision that the recall of Russell Pearce trumped everything else.  After all, it was your right.
 If Randy Parraz is successful in his efforts to recall Senator Pearce it will just embolden him and he will go after other conservatives in his effort for change. Haven't we had enough of the HOPE and CHANGE?

Here is what Melissa Houghton said in a comment left on Facebook:

Better days for AZ, and for the rest of the US, hopefully. When Pearce is gone, perhaps there will be a domino effect....truly, this recall effort is a model for everywhere else.

As another support put it:

...will Mr. Lewis be able to do any good?  No.  He has no power, no clue, no political clout. He knows nothing about how to implement any policies or ideas he may have about illegal immigration, jobs, the economy, education, or anything else. He will end up going along and getting along.  He doesn’t have the guts or the stomach to face the angry illegals who desecrated our beloved American flag at the state capitol.  Nothing in his training or experience has prepared him to stand up to the “in your face” provocation that Russell Pearce has faced. Jerry Lewis is much too nice for that ugly fight. He will cave.
 This country is in moral decay, we are calling good bad and bad good. We have a government that is out of control and good men such are Russell Pearce step up to the plate, works to protect our borders, bring jobs to Arizona and Mesa, fights to keep taxes low, fights to make education better by working for choices and getting more money into class rooms instead of administrators, and we call that bad.

Randy Parraz handed the Republican detractors of Senator Pearce a line, hook and sinker and they bit. They are now doing the work of the Democratic Party to bring about Dems. goals. We have done just what they wanted us to do. Why do you think they aren't running a Democratic candidate because they know one can't win.

Here is what Crystal E. Long another Randy Parraz supporter had to say about his efforts:

You are creating History Randy. I watch in awe.
Is this the kind of history we as Mesa voters want? To know that we did the the work of the Democratic Party?

Having been elected at second vice chairman of the state Republican Party, having served as Legislative District 18 chairman and as a former Member of the Maricopa County GOP Executive guidance committee, I do understand a few things about how politics works. I ask who has and can help Mesa the most, is it Senator Russell Pearce or is it new comer Jerry Lewis who will have no clout in the state. If you think about it long and hard, I think you will come to the right conclusion.

What is best, isn't always what is handed to you on a Silver Platter!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Citizen's For A Better Arizona (Mesa), Ya Right!

I've taken some heat for the Randy Parraz recall signs that went up pointing out who is behind the recall effort. Gilbert Watch has done a really good job pointing out who Randy Parraz is in To the Supporters of Jerry Lewis: So why should I be the only one to take a little heat?

Now Randy Parraz and Citizen's for a Better Arizona are up to it again.

It was recently brought to my attention that this group who wants to make "Arizona a better place" is targeting businesses that support Russell Pearce.

Below are just a couple of the comments these people are making from one of their Facebook Pages.

Robert H McDonald Jr said:  
I was driving down mesa Dr and spotted the first of several Russell Pearce signs. Most were posted at businesses like Norm's watch repair and Millitts insurance Co. We need to boycott any business that supports that criminal.

Moiro Carney said:
I agree w' Robert, boycott those businesses. Or better yet-make it a point to stop in as if you were going to give them your business, and then mention that you can't in good faith support their business because they support Pearce

Respect Respecto said:  
My recommendation is to walk in an establishment, THEN notice the sign ... make small talk about "I can't believe you support Pearce ... " and walk out. Don't forget to make sure other customers hear you.

Robert Hassch said:
Probably banking on the assumption that they will survive between today and Friday. (signs)

Is Randy Parraz and the recall supporters of Russell Pearce really for a better Arizona?

These are the kinds of tactics that Unions and their thugs use to break a business. It is also the kind a antics open border advocates tried to use against Pruitts Furniture in Phoenix, in which finally the police had to be brought in. It is similar to what they did when they tried to invite themselves to a private part party sponsored by supporters of Russell Pearce of which Michael Wright of the Wright House was involved in.

The recall groups, supporters and candidates talk about civility, but yet their actions don't show it. Is this really the kind of people you want down at the legislature? I have never seen Russell Pearce advocate these kinds of tactics against a business.

Russell Pearce on the other hand looks to built build business up by fighting to keep taxes low, by fighting to keep government regulation down, by keeping jobs in Mesa i.e. the Cubs, Arizona Regional Medical Center (300 jobs), and Cindi's Cafe to name a few. 

Big difference between advocating for a Better Arizona and Mesa than that which Randy Parraz and his recall supporters are doing.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Laundry Love Project - Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Here is an example of how neighbors should be and not how it has been lately in Mesa.

A group of people have gotten together to help their fellow neighbors do some laundry if they are short on cash and need some clean clothes. The group has been doing this for almost two years now. First at a laundry on main Street and now at Central Plaza laundry on Mesa Dr.

The project goes on the 1st Friday of every month from 7pm to 9pm. No questions are asked, come in put your clothes in a washing machine and then a drier.

The program is run on donations and every little bit helps. It doesn't matter if it is $5, $10, $15 or $20. This is an on going project.

One of the volunteers even collects used plastic water bottles, recycles them and uses the money to buy more water to hand out. So bring your used water bottles when you come.

If you would like to make a donation contact me at mesalaundry(at)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Randy Parraz & Recall Candidates & Dirty Tricks - Update

This was sent to me and comes from Randy Parraz's recall group. This is evidence as to his tactics.

Randy Parraz
Urgent Call for volunteers...We need volunteers of Citizens for a Better Arizona to attend a special event tomorrow at 4:45PM in Phoenix (Alexis Grill 3550 Central Ave) Who can attend? Please wear a blazer (any color) Please rsvp to
Tuesday at 2:37pm ·LikeUnlike · ·SubscribeUnsubscribe

Randy Parraz & Recall Candidates & Dirty Tricks

Here is an example of how Randy Parraz and his recall candidates are working to over turn and disrupt the voice of the people because they don't like the immigration stance and promises made and kept by Senator Russell Pearce.I firmly believe that voters need to understand those behind the recall, their supporters, candidates, there cause.

 As and example:

At a private invitation only event last night put on by some friends of Russell Pearce's, Randy Parraz and some West Mesa Republicans show up uninvited and without an invitation. When they attempted to force their way into the event pushing and shoving people out of the way. They proceeded  to assault a female guest who was in their way.

One of the protester was yelling that he was a school teacher and had a letter for Senator Pearce. As it turns out the letter was a flier from Randy Parraz. The male individual was escorted out by law enforcement and in the process attempted to kiss one of the male officers. How embarrassing and rude this must be for the voters of Mesa's district 18.

How shameful this is for Mesa Republicans, who talk about raising the bar but yet stoop to this. The Senator recognized and knew some of those Republican from Mesa who showed up. I haven't decided if I will release their names and I'm leaning toward not doing so at this moment.

I'm disheartening and disappointed to see Republicans and candidates joining hands with Randy Parraz and his extreme liberal agenda to destroy the values of America. The hate for those who stand up for traditional families, the hate for those who defend the unborn, the hate for those who believe and defend the rule of law and destroy the successes of Arizona.

I will fight to let people know who is behind the recall and their agenda. That is why I'm proud to wear the badge of honor bestowed upon me the Phoenix New Slime yesterday.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Majority of Senators Support Russell Pearce & His Leadership

Letter of support, there Senators would not support Senate President Russell Pearce if he was not keeping and doing what he promised to do. Do not believe Randy Parraz, Jerry Lewis and others who would tell you differently. I know the majority of these people and they are free thinkers and do not just follow orders.
July 15, 2011 (a letter from all but 3 of the Republican State Senators in complete support of Senator Pearce

We, the undersigned Senators, support Senate President Russell Pearce. Since 2000, the voters in his district have trusted President Pearce to represent them in the Arizona legislature.

Similarly, his peers in the Senate trusted him to be the Senate President in the Fiftieth Legislature. Additionally, during his legislative career, leadership has entrusted him with the chairmanships of committees like the powerful and important Senate Appropriations Committee.

Since he was first elected to legislative office, President Pearce has been a leader in creating jobs, keeping taxes low, securing the border, immigration enforcement, advocating for school choice, and a host of other legislative issues.

President Pearce has authored several statewide ballot propositions that passed with overwhelming voter support. The President has also received numerous awards for his leadership throughout his legislative career.

He has efficiently and effectively fulfilled the role as Senate President. He adhered to legislative time lines, maintained an organized process and worked with his colleagues to conclude the 50th Legislature, First Regular Session by the 100th day – the first time in many years.

Considering his qualifications, his leadership, his long and storied history of service to the state and his love of his state and country, we support his re-election in the November recall election.

Senator Andy Biggs;Majority Leader
Senator Steve Pierce;Majority Whip
Sen. Lori Klein
Sen. Don Shooter
Sen. John Nelson
Sen. Al Melvin
Sen. Scott Bundgaard
Sen. Gail Griffin
Sen. Nancy Barto
Sen. Rick Murphy
Sen. Steve Smith
Sen. Sylvia Allen
Sen. Frank Antenori
Sen. Ron Gould
Sen. Linda Gray
Sen. Michelle Reagan
Sen. Steve Yarbrough

Friday, August 5, 2011

Will Cardon Enter Race for US Senate Seat Being Vacated by Jon Kyle

Will Cardon a valley philanthropist, business owner and real estate developer is throwing his hat into the race for U.S. Senate for the seat being vacated by Jon Kyle.

This is great news and gives people a choice in who to vote for.

I will be supporting Will Cardon and doing what I can to help him.

Read More Here

Bad Services, Should You Say Something or Be Quite?

The Stage:

You are at a one of Mesa many restaurants and you find the food or service to be absurdly bad. Or for that matter it could be any other business.

What Do You Do:

Do you say something or do you just walk out the door not to return again and then tell all your friends about how bad the service and food was?

The Majority:

The majority of people would say nothing and the business would never be the smarter.

To say nothing is the easy thing to do, it take a little more courage to call the manager or owner over and express your thoughts and concerns. By not letting someone know of you dis-satisfaction, the owner can't take action to correct the problem. The owner may not of even know about the problem. Many times you are not the only one thinking this, it is just that the others didn't have the courage to stand up. Conversely you should do the same thing if you receive good service.

So when I'm asked do you fear being labeled for expressing your views, I say No.

If I'm thinking or saying it, it just means that others out there are thinking the same thing. The only difference is that I've expressed it, sometime eloquently and sometimes not so much.

On some issues I'm going to ask you to stretch, think about the opposite point of view. Some people may feel uncomfortable with what I have to say on certain topics, such as Russell Pearce, Education, Government and elected officials. My whole point in making you feel this way is to get you to think. It may not be conventional and it may not be politically correct but if I get you to think that is good.

I make no apologize for my comments and if you disagree with me that is OK too. I'm not going to hold it against you. Are people going to agree all the time on every single issue No. Do I expect everybody to agree with me No. If we all agreed this would be a very boring place to live.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Jerry Lewis & Utah Compact, Unconstitutional!

Jerry Lewis says that he fully supports the Utah Compact (The Arizona Guardian) but the problem is the Utah Compact and its supporting bill in the Utah are unconstitutional and doing to help illegal immigrants in this country. Even the the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is backing away from it.

This only leads us to one conclusion Jerry Lewis knows nothing about constitution of the United States of America, its founding principles, or the Arizona Constitution or any of the immigration laws that have been passed.

On the other hand Russell Pearce understand the law and immigration legislation passed in Arizona is being found to be constitutional and majority of those in Arizona support the laws.

Jerry Lewis on the other hand he just wants the Hispanics to fell welcome in his country and he doesn't care if they are legal or illegal. (Tribune Oct 2005)

By Ronald W. Mortensen, April 13, 2011

Did the Salt Lake Chamber dupe Utah's religious organizations, social justice groups, and media outlets into helping it pass legislation that ;guarantees its business members a large pool of low-cost, easily exploited illegal alien labor? It appears that that may have been the case.

What Does Jerry Lewis & Kevin Gibbons Have In Common?

The question is what does Jerry Lewis the wana be Mesa LD 18 candidate and Kevin Gibbons have in common?

  1. Randy Parraz - Union organizer, pro-gay marriage, failed U.S. Senate candidate
  2. Chad Snow - immigration attorney, open border supporter
  3. Chase Barrett/Nathan Sproul - Kevin Gibbons campaign managers (The Arizona Guardian)
If you guessed number 3 you are right.

If you remember the campaign 3 or so years ago, you will recall that it was one of the dirties races ever run by an opposing candidate. It was a campaign that attacked Senator Pearce wife and family, friends and anyone else who supported Pearce or his run office.

If you don't remember it was Kevin Gibbons immigration attorney, Jeff Flakes brother-in-law and it was Mike Haller, Jeff Flakes staffer who dug up the domestic violence charges that really didn't happen.

Jerry Lewis has said that he wants this to be a clean positive race yet he goes out and hirer the same campaign consultants who ran one of the dirties campaigns in state history.

In my opinion Jerry Lewis is just plan stupid or is just really naive, in either case I think Jerry Lewis is taking the gloves off and is going knuckle to knuckle with Senate President Russell Pearce. I really think Dea Montague, John Giles, Mike Cowan, Beth Coons, Rich Crandell and others pushing Jerry to run had better step back and rethink things and really see if they want to be associated with people like Randy Parraz, Nathan Sproul and Chase Barrett.