Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Russell Pearce Says Bring The Recall Election On.

The recall election of Russell Pearce will happen on November 8, 2011 according to a published report in the Arizona Republic and it is also reporting that Russell Pearce is ready for the election.

This is the first time in Arizona history that an elected official is being recalled for fulfilling his campaign promises. When people are clamoring about politicians not keeping their campaign promises after being elected to office, I find it ironic now that a man who has done just exactly what he said he would do now finds himself faced with this recall election.

This recall election wasn't orchestrated by the voter of legislative district 18 but by Randy Parraz a failed U.S. Congressional candidate for the seat of Senator John McCain and Chad Snow an attorney that makes a living off the undocumented.

Randy Parraz is an agitator, a pusher of social justice, a supporter of La Raza and has been arrested on a number of occasions at public meeting for not following the law. Then you have Chad Snow who has been a long time supporter and friend of Randy's, who's income is derived from off the backs of undocumented workers.

Randy Parraz and Chad Snow are refusing to release the source of funding for the recall call effort, saying that they are not required to until just 2 weeks before the recall election. What are they hiding?

Citizens Who Oppose the Pearce Recall,of which I'm the chairman, on the other hand has filled campaign reports, when we collected and spent $10,000 unlike Mr. Parraz and Snow. In doing so I wanted to be above the board unlike those pushing the recall.

Let me give you a few peaces of information that we come across during this campaign that you might find interesting:
  1. Legal council for Citizens for a Better Arizona, is the same law firm representing President Obama and represent the DNC, and all the democratic members of both houses in Washington DC
  2. 23 people gathered the majority of the signatures, about 10,000. People don't do that unless they are paid petition gathers. 1 individual gathered about 1,800 signatures. At $3 to $5 a signature that anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000 they have spent.
  3. People have signed for themselves and spouses,
  4. People have used one address on front and then another address on the back when certifying that they gathered the signatures.
  5. Signatures had been gathered in downtown Phoenix and other places outside of district 18. 
These are just a few of the things that have been uncovered and there are more, which will come out between now and the election.

Now those pushing for Pearce to be recalled will want you to believe that Senator Pearce is solely responsible for education cuts, cuts to social programs, cuts to health and human services, cuts to prisons, responsible for giving away City of Mesa tow contracts and many more lies. But as I recall the senate is made up of more than one person and the Jan Brewer has to sign a bill before it becomes law, So Senator Pearce couldn't of acted alone.

I ask you to do your own research, don't take the words of agitators Randy Parraz and Chad Snows on things. They want you to believe one thing and that Russell Pearce is bad for Arizona, when just the opposite is turn.

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