Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pearce Recall Election - Is It Only About West Mesa?

I receive a copy of an email today written by some residents in West Mesa who are supporting Jerry Lewis in a supposed run against Russell Pearce. I have to say supposed race because no formal campaign committee has been formed and no announcement has been made

The letter was disturbing to me in more than one sense. What stood out to me more than anything was that it kept referring to West Mesa. It starts out "We love West Mesa", it goes on to say "Many of you have heard about the recall election for Arizona State Senate on ballot for the Nov. 8th in West Mesa's District 18" and in conclusion is states "We need an army to stand up and  fight for what is best for West Mesa..."

Mesa's District 18 is bigger than West Mesa and it's residence (Maricopa Stake)! Sorry my friends who live there, but that is what people think of when they say West Mesa. Even when I ran against my friend council member Dave Richins it was all about West Mesa.

For those who don't know, Mesa's Legislative District 18 starts at the Tempe border runs East along the Salt River to Gilbert road, then South to Broadway, then East to Lindsey, then South to Baseline Road and West to the Tempe boarder. I think that it would be helpful for those in West Mesa to remember that.

So when I got a copy of this letter my first thought was here we go again, West Mesa against the rest of District 18 and I know others have the same view. I know that is not the intention but it just give the impression.

Good people can disagree and hold different views. So those in West Mesa take note and not just make the issues about you. West is no better than Central Mesa, East Central Mesa, East Mesa, Southeast Mesa, South Central Mesa, Southwest Mesa or West central Mesa,

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