Friday, May 6, 2011

Mesa Getting Tough On Businesses In Mesa

The City of Mesa is moving in reserve with private business in the city adding cost while providing no way for business to pay for improvements.

After coming so far to streamline and work with business, the majority of the council voted to put new requirements on convenience stores doing business in the City of Mesa.  The new requirements may just put some businesses right out of business or cost them to spend a substantial amount money to come into compliance.

I personally don't believe that it is fair to change the rules in the middle of the games and make ordinances retroactive. I also don't think that it is fair to require a mom and pop store to choice between food on the table and a citation or the potential of being put out of business.

The three council members who voted against the tougher measures and whom showed a desire work with businesses owner and implement the regulations agreed to by the police and public are Mayor Scott Smith, Dave Richins, and Alex Finter.

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