Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Russell Pearce Recall Wrong!

Is a recall of Russell Pearce the best thing for Mesa and Legislative District 18? I think NOT!

This recall isn’t about a moral or ethical issue as a recall is intended, but is simply an attempt to punish a man for standing up for the rule of law, and the constitution. It is also intended to send a message to others who support immigration issues, and that is watch out or you are next.

In fact many of those supporting the recall effort by providing funding and those gathering signatures don’t even reside in LD18 or have an interest in seeing that we have a voice in the Senate, they are only interested in shutting up Russell Pearce.

Now I know that there are those who disagree with me and will say that I’m just carrying Russell Pearce's water; people have actually said that to me. People will also say that because I support the rule of law that I'm insensitive to the illegals and their plight. The the fact of the matter is, I probably understand their plight better than those pushing the recall.

As a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I served a mission in Uruguay, and prior to that I lived in Sao Paulo Brazil and witnessed first-hand people coming to the door seeking food. Now as property manager I see the struggle the illegals go through to support their family. I don’t lay any blame on them or their desire for a better life for their family and neither does Russell. If anything, my heart goes out to them and their struggles, but there is a right way and a wrong way to help them. We don't help anybody by ignoring the law.

There are those that say Russell Pearce’s stand on immigration has hurt the LDS church of which he is member and that is why some members of the church including attorney Chad Snow, chairman for the recall effort, have come out against Russell. That is also why they are attempting to recruit an LDS West Mesa Republican to run against him, someone who can be seen as being supportive and sympathetic to the cause and plight of the illegals. 

Mr. Snow has said that Mr. Pearce doesn’t represent the values of LDS people or their faith. There is one problem with this; one of The Articles of Faith of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints say: We believe is being subject to Kings, presidents, rulers and magistrates, in obeying, honoring and sustaining the law. Right now the law of the land makes it illegal to be here with out the proper documentation.

Mr. Snow has also said that Mr. Pearce and SB1070 have hurt the state’s economy. But I beg to ask the question is it the passage of SB1070 that has sent the state’s economy upside down or was it years of mismanagement of state funds by Janet Napalitano, the national debt, the housing bubble or the Federal Reserve? I would say that it is the latter not SB1070.

Mr. Snow says that Russell doesn’t represent the values of Republicans, I would ask Mr. Snow to take a look at the Republican plat form and then ask the question again. Russell Pearce represents the values of the Republican Party better than most elected official do.

Mr. Pearce does represent my values and those of my family and neighbors, he does represent less government, personal freedom, personal responsibility, free enterprise and the rule of law. Are those values yours? If so then he also represents you.

You may not agree with Russell Pearce on every issue and I wouldn't expect you too and maybe you would do things differently if you had the spot light on immigration but you are don't. To go after a man and his family for standing up for what he or she believes to be right, is wrong. Just because you disagree with him or her DOES NOT RISE TO THE LEVEL OF A RECALL.

If you don't want or like the way some is representing you then you have the option of voting against them in the next election. The election is the place to vote somebody in or out or office not at a recall.

Nothing good can come from this recall effort. In fact it will do more to hurt than to heal the division with in LD18 and the City of Mesa over illegal immigration. Just look at the last elections in LD18 and the other legislative district and you can see what happened and the division they cause. You think it is bad now just wait.

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