Friday, May 20, 2011

Russell Pearce Recall Effort In Trouble. - Where's The Beef

It appears that Citizens for a Better Arizona and Chad Snow might be in a bit of trouble when it comes to their recall effort against Russell Pearce the Arizona Republic is Reporting.

It seems that they got some misinformation about filling deadlines. I find it even more interesting that people are calling for the firing of people at the Sectary of States Office over this. These are obviously people who have never read the Arizona Revised Statues or had to interpret them, if they had nothing is ever cut and dry. The group had hoped for a November election, that is if they got enough signatures.

What I find more interesting is that the group said they needed more time to gather signatures. That tells me that they are running into trouble now and that people are getting wise to them and the groups racial and open border ties.

It has come to my attention that many of the people signing the petitions are doing so just to get the pushy signature gathers off their porches.

Randy Parraz, Chad Snow and their group are also using the race card in an attempt to get people to sign petitions. In one instance they told a woman that she needed to sign the petition because she was Latino. The women told them I'm sorry but I support Russell Pearce and SB1070.

I also read through the comments and find it very interesting that most if not all the comments are  from anonymous posters, so for all anybody knows it could be the same person posting.

I also found it very interesting that Jim Walsh would be the one credited for the article when it was Gary Nelson who called and talked with me. Does Jim Walsh think he is to big to give me a call?

As I stated before this recall is wrong and is only an attempt to quite a man for standing up for the rule of law and if people really want Russell Pearce out then the time to do it is during the primary or general elections. These people don't care that those in LD18 elected Russell. All this recall effort will do it show those who don't support immigration laws and the rule of law. People will not be anonymous when it comes to the petitions, everybody will know.

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