Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Citizen Who Oppose The Pearce Recall

So there is no mistake about it. I am chairman of the committee "Citizens Who Oppose the Pearce Recall."

There has been a website set up and I invite to you visit

I firmly believe that out of state and out of district interest are attempting to manipulate the elections by using the recall process as a way of intimidating constitutionally elected officials within the state and district. I am opposing the recall effort in order to allow President Pearce and other officials to do the job that they where elected to do without being influenced by outside interest.

This recall effort is the latest in a series of attempts to punish Russell for his strong support on border security and for his hard work on balancing the state's budget in one of the most economically challenging times since the great depression.

The purpose of this committee is stop the recall by ensuring the validity of the signatures and the process. Chad Snow, the recall committees chairman has already admitted that there are duplicate signatures and signatures from those outside the district. His comments already brings into questions their motives in the recall process and shows their contempt for the voters of district 18 who have elected Mr. Pearce 16 times in primaries and general elections.

The committee will make sure that all the voters of District 18 know who is behind this recall effort and who is funding this effort to void the voters of District 18.

It is already believe that Mr. Snow and and Mr. Parrez have violated the law by not following the proper disclosure statements and hiding the names of outside donors. As a result we will be filing a complaint with the Secretary of State against the recall committee.

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