Friday, June 3, 2011

Who Is Behind The Pearce Recall - Randy Parraz

Who is behind the Russell Pearce recall. One of the many people behind the recall is Randy Parraz. That is Mr. Parraz in the picture above with Cesar Chavez. Mr. Parraz is a labor union organizer, who is organizing people in the spirit of the "SI, SE PUEDE" movement, for those who don't speak Spanish that is the YES WE CAN.

Mr. Parraz was the Arizona Director of the National AFL-CIO before making a failed attempt to run against Senator John McCain. Mr. Parraz also found the Student Institute for Social Change.

Here is a video of his stand on gay marriage.

Pay very close attention to what he is saying about marriage and religion and the founding values of religion in this country.

The next video show his views on immigration. As you listen to what he has to say look at the pictures in the background. Also listen to the contempt in his voice for the will of the people in Arizona in regards to SB1070

Listen to what is has to say about the ethic studies coursed being taught in Tucson Unified School District and which the attorney general has rule violate Arizona law.

Is this somebody you really want to follow?

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  1. Thank you for gathering this info and putting out here for us to show others. People must be made aware of what a threat to the sovereignty of our state AND COUNTRY that Parraz is.


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