Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mesa Public Schools - Should They Be Rewarded For Failing?

The Mesa Tribune News paper recently published a story indicating that 32 schools of Mesa's 83 schools failed Arizona's and the federal government's educational standards. That is a nearly 39 percent.

Michael Cowan, superintendent of Mesa's public school system, comments are a little shocking. He basically said that he wasn't surprised because most districts didn't pass.

And get the attitude of Ray Chavez, the principal at Carson Junior High. His attitude is we haven't made it for give years so it is really no big surprise. This guy was hired to be a turn around specialist. He also put the blame back on the kids insinuating that it is because the kids qualify for free or reduced lunches. That to me sounds like an excuse.

And just think that Mesa's School Board was going to ask for millions of dollars in additional taxes on your home to pay for these failing schools.

First I think the schools need to show significant improvement in meeting the educational standards before asking me and you the tax payer to pony up any more money.

You do not reward bad behavior with more money.

What do you think should Mesa Public Schools be rewarded when 39 percent of the schools fail to make the standard?

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