Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Majority of Senators Support Russell Pearce & His Leadership

Letter of support, there Senators would not support Senate President Russell Pearce if he was not keeping and doing what he promised to do. Do not believe Randy Parraz, Jerry Lewis and others who would tell you differently. I know the majority of these people and they are free thinkers and do not just follow orders.
July 15, 2011 (a letter from all but 3 of the Republican State Senators in complete support of Senator Pearce

We, the undersigned Senators, support Senate President Russell Pearce. Since 2000, the voters in his district have trusted President Pearce to represent them in the Arizona legislature.

Similarly, his peers in the Senate trusted him to be the Senate President in the Fiftieth Legislature. Additionally, during his legislative career, leadership has entrusted him with the chairmanships of committees like the powerful and important Senate Appropriations Committee.

Since he was first elected to legislative office, President Pearce has been a leader in creating jobs, keeping taxes low, securing the border, immigration enforcement, advocating for school choice, and a host of other legislative issues.

President Pearce has authored several statewide ballot propositions that passed with overwhelming voter support. The President has also received numerous awards for his leadership throughout his legislative career.

He has efficiently and effectively fulfilled the role as Senate President. He adhered to legislative time lines, maintained an organized process and worked with his colleagues to conclude the 50th Legislature, First Regular Session by the 100th day – the first time in many years.

Considering his qualifications, his leadership, his long and storied history of service to the state and his love of his state and country, we support his re-election in the November recall election.

Senator Andy Biggs;Majority Leader
Senator Steve Pierce;Majority Whip
Sen. Lori Klein
Sen. Don Shooter
Sen. John Nelson
Sen. Al Melvin
Sen. Scott Bundgaard
Sen. Gail Griffin
Sen. Nancy Barto
Sen. Rick Murphy
Sen. Steve Smith
Sen. Sylvia Allen
Sen. Frank Antenori
Sen. Ron Gould
Sen. Linda Gray
Sen. Michelle Reagan
Sen. Steve Yarbrough

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