Thursday, August 18, 2011

Randy Parraz & Recall Candidates & Dirty Tricks

Here is an example of how Randy Parraz and his recall candidates are working to over turn and disrupt the voice of the people because they don't like the immigration stance and promises made and kept by Senator Russell Pearce.I firmly believe that voters need to understand those behind the recall, their supporters, candidates, there cause.

 As and example:

At a private invitation only event last night put on by some friends of Russell Pearce's, Randy Parraz and some West Mesa Republicans show up uninvited and without an invitation. When they attempted to force their way into the event pushing and shoving people out of the way. They proceeded  to assault a female guest who was in their way.

One of the protester was yelling that he was a school teacher and had a letter for Senator Pearce. As it turns out the letter was a flier from Randy Parraz. The male individual was escorted out by law enforcement and in the process attempted to kiss one of the male officers. How embarrassing and rude this must be for the voters of Mesa's district 18.

How shameful this is for Mesa Republicans, who talk about raising the bar but yet stoop to this. The Senator recognized and knew some of those Republican from Mesa who showed up. I haven't decided if I will release their names and I'm leaning toward not doing so at this moment.

I'm disheartening and disappointed to see Republicans and candidates joining hands with Randy Parraz and his extreme liberal agenda to destroy the values of America. The hate for those who stand up for traditional families, the hate for those who defend the unborn, the hate for those who believe and defend the rule of law and destroy the successes of Arizona.

I will fight to let people know who is behind the recall and their agenda. That is why I'm proud to wear the badge of honor bestowed upon me the Phoenix New Slime yesterday.

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