Sunday, September 18, 2011

Russell Pearce & Business Owners! Here What They Say.

Claude & Kathy Adams, Owners Pete's Fish n Chips:
Running a small business is always a challenge. Senator Pearce understands this so that's why he has always been a strong supporter of small business by passing legislation that lowers taxes and regulations. His legislation helped our business and others grow. We need leaders like Senator Pearce to help stabilize and grown this economy.

Earl Johnson, Owner Johnson Stewart Company:
As a longtime Mesa resident and small business owner, I proudly stand in support of Senator Russell Pearce. Senator Pearce is a rarity among politicians these days in that he keeps his word to his constituents and does exactly what he tells them he's going to do. Senator Pearce has been a strong supporter of small business by consistently voting to keep taxes low and removing burdensome regulations.

National Federation of Independent Business had this to say:
Small business job creators support Senator Russell Pearce because he's one of Arizona's most pro-small business lawmakers. We stand by Senator Pearce because he consistently stands by small business. We need his in the legislature to help ensure Arizona's private sector can create jobs and get economy growing again.
Do you stand with these businesses or do you stand with Randy Parraz in the recall election?

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