Monday, September 12, 2011

The Real Winers In Education, Teachers or Kids?

According the story below Arizona English teachers or those that teach English to our children don't need to be proficient in the the language, have good grammar, or can mispronounce words anymore.

I think I'm going to apply for a job to teach English in our public school system because characteristics fit me perfectly well.English has never been my strong point and now I can take that and get a job with it.

don't believe me you can read more about it right here.

I you don't want to read it. Here is an example of what they are talking about:

Exmples of concerns included a teacher who asked her English learners "How do we call it in English?" and teachers who pronounced "levels" as "lebels" and "much" as "mush." Last year, federal officials found monitoring reports that documented teachers who pronounced "the" as "da" and "lives here" as "leeves here."
Finely there is hope for me and all the rest of us that have trouble with the English language. The USA is really a place of possibilities.


  1. Matt are you serious? If that's your opinion then we better not allow any teacher's with a Boston accent, Texan accent or British accent teach in our schools. People from Boston say, "I'm going to the potty" (instead of party). People from Texas say "ya'll". And people from Great Britain say "Good dye" for Good day. And then there is all the "lazy" English we Americans use all the time. Watcha gonna do today? I'd like a lid-ol wad-er (instead of little water) I was happy to see our crazy state came to their senses and dropped this attempt at discrimination. To only go after those who have Spanish accents is nothing but blatant discrimination. I shouldn't be surprised that you were in support of such a thing.

  2. Julie, you miss the point. Teach expect their students to get the English perfect but yet they are not required too. What is wrong with having the same standards for teachers that they have students? Or is it only a one way street?


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