Saturday, September 10, 2011

Who is the REAL WINNER in the Recall Race?

Everybody knows where I stand in this race and everybody knows about the sham I feel this recall is to the voters of Mesa and the State of Arizona.

Now I know, some people will disagree with me and that is fine. But it can't be said that I don't stand up for what I believe to be right even if others feel I'm total wrong. I call it as I see it.

Putting that aside let's take a little deeper look at the issue of the recall and the potential out come.

The recall group and those opposing the senator Pearce say he is hurting Arizona and not focusing on the needs of Arizonans. I question that and I question their motives in the recall. Is it really to "Better Arizona or Mesa" as I pointed out previously post or is there another motive.

Senator Pearce has brought attention to the issue of illegal immigration, both on locally and national level. His action have forced the federal government to take notice and to take action on the issue by suing the State of Arizona. Other states are now following Arizona's lead and have their own version of SB1070 that they are working on or have passed and guess what they are being sued also. Because of Senator Pearce's efforts in this area, to protect Arizona, Arizonans and the nation for that matter; he has become a high profile target for those in opposition to having states participate in doing the job the federal government has failed or refuses to do.

The political party that has the most interest in NOT dealing with the immigration issue is the Democratic Party. Why because they see the Latino vote as a vote for them and they do not want to do anything that would dilute the vote. That is one reason why they are so against cleaning up the voter roles here in Arizona and across the nation.

And that is why they have targeted Senate President Russell Pearce for removal.

Democrats are very united in their efforts and if they move slowly or quickly it doesn't matter because they are good at staying united and working for their goal of socialism. Republicans on the other hand, have a much harder time doing that and that works to the advantage of the Democrats.

The Democrats have been trying for years and waiting for the right time to strike. They have been planning for this moment for some time. The recall against Senator President Russell Pearce was planed even before the last legislative session started in January of 2011.

That is where Randy Parraz comes into the pictures. As one supporter said:
He (Randy Parraz) moved to Arizona from California, for the purpose of making changes in Arizona.  He has been trained, and has trained others, in doing exactly that. His goal is to turn Arizona into a blue state.
So what have the good Republicans of legislative district 18 done, they took the bait! Randy Parraz provided the hook, (recall) and Republicans who would not of taken the bait before now have. As another supporter said:

Who is the winner and who is the loser in what you see right now?  The Democrat Randy Parraz is the hands-down winner.  He has gotten not just Republicans to fight against each other, he has gotten Mormons to fight against each other.   He has gotten Arizona Conservatives to take their attention off other, very  important issues and instead focus on “the recall election of Russell Pearce”!   You (Republican detractors) made the decision that the recall of Russell Pearce trumped everything else.  After all, it was your right.
 If Randy Parraz is successful in his efforts to recall Senator Pearce it will just embolden him and he will go after other conservatives in his effort for change. Haven't we had enough of the HOPE and CHANGE?

Here is what Melissa Houghton said in a comment left on Facebook:

Better days for AZ, and for the rest of the US, hopefully. When Pearce is gone, perhaps there will be a domino effect....truly, this recall effort is a model for everywhere else.

As another support put it:

...will Mr. Lewis be able to do any good?  No.  He has no power, no clue, no political clout. He knows nothing about how to implement any policies or ideas he may have about illegal immigration, jobs, the economy, education, or anything else. He will end up going along and getting along.  He doesn’t have the guts or the stomach to face the angry illegals who desecrated our beloved American flag at the state capitol.  Nothing in his training or experience has prepared him to stand up to the “in your face” provocation that Russell Pearce has faced. Jerry Lewis is much too nice for that ugly fight. He will cave.
 This country is in moral decay, we are calling good bad and bad good. We have a government that is out of control and good men such are Russell Pearce step up to the plate, works to protect our borders, bring jobs to Arizona and Mesa, fights to keep taxes low, fights to make education better by working for choices and getting more money into class rooms instead of administrators, and we call that bad.

Randy Parraz handed the Republican detractors of Senator Pearce a line, hook and sinker and they bit. They are now doing the work of the Democratic Party to bring about Dems. goals. We have done just what they wanted us to do. Why do you think they aren't running a Democratic candidate because they know one can't win.

Here is what Crystal E. Long another Randy Parraz supporter had to say about his efforts:

You are creating History Randy. I watch in awe.
Is this the kind of history we as Mesa voters want? To know that we did the the work of the Democratic Party?

Having been elected at second vice chairman of the state Republican Party, having served as Legislative District 18 chairman and as a former Member of the Maricopa County GOP Executive guidance committee, I do understand a few things about how politics works. I ask who has and can help Mesa the most, is it Senator Russell Pearce or is it new comer Jerry Lewis who will have no clout in the state. If you think about it long and hard, I think you will come to the right conclusion.

What is best, isn't always what is handed to you on a Silver Platter!

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