Sunday, September 18, 2011

Read What Supporters Of Jerry Lewis and Randy Parraz Are Saying Now!

Here is more of what Randy Parraz and Jerry Lewis supports are now saying about Russell Pearce. These comments have been posted in a FB group supporting Jerry Lewis and watching Pearce.

These comment had been made in regards to a October 14th & 15th event to support the Senator. I think it does a pretty good job of showing the hate these people have.

Where did the love go that Jerry Lewis has called for?

Tommy O. Collins It will get really filthy from the pearce camp now... they have no class at all and their candidate has not the chance of an ice cube in a hot oven.Friday at 8:29pm · 5 people

Julie Legler Jorgensen It's been filthy for 11 years.22 hours ago · 1 person

Tommy O. Collins ‎@Julie, DO NOT make the mistake of underestimating the corruption and criminal nature of pearce and his gang of miscreants, including MCSO. If I were Mr. Lewis I would have security systems installed at home, along with 24/7 surveillance...20 hours ago · 3 people

Julie Legler Jorgensen Do you think they were behind the padlock incident?
18 hours ago

Tommy O. Collins ‎@Julie, if your question is directed at me... it's possible, but there is no way to find out until one of the goobers (or his girlfriend) brags about it in an open bar where someone else hears it and reports it. OR (as is most common) the guy involved beats up his girlfriend (which he learned to do from watching his dad beat up mom) and she turns on him to have his sorry ass put in jail with his brother...
3 hours ago
No doubt these comments will be removed the same as the last one got removed after I post about what they want to do to Mesa businesses


  1. I won't be deleting my comments Matt although you're sure to delete this. You are trying to turn our concern over the illegal activities of those behind Pearce's campaign into something sinister. (Your favorite hobby by the way). We have genuine worries and concerns over just how far you guys might go in your quest to keep Pearce in office. Based on those things that have transpired to date, we have cause for concern.

  2. Julie, as the owner of this blog I have the right to post what ever comments I feel are appropriate and further the conversation.

    Your group and the the supporters of the recall continue to say that Russell Pearce is behind the activities of others. Supporters of both candidates do things as you have pointed out on a number of occasions.

    But yet your group participates in the same kind of activities. Like threatening to boycott businesses in Mesa because they put up a Pearce sign, or saying things like need to cut her off at the knees; kind of like Palin with the gun sights.

    Let's not forget the lies that you and other recall supporters continue to say about the Senator and refuse to see the good that he has done. I tell you what when you and the recall supporters and their candidates stop and talk about the issues so will I.


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